Mixing Services



So, you've got all these random tracks sent to you from your choir. And you are thinking, what now?

The tracks your choir members have recorded need to be assembled and synced together before they are mixed to make the beautiful sound that your choir is capable of.

Perhaps you can do this yourself? But if not, then we can certainly help you with this. 

Mixing is a long and careful process and so there is a charge for this. But we are musicians and we will make sure that your choir sounds as good as it possibly can.


The cost of mixing is £1.50 per track with a minimum charge of £75.

EXAMPLE 1: You have a choir of 50 (or less) and you have a backing track you would like to use. Cost to mix=£75

EXAMPLE 2: You have a choir of 100 and you have a backing track you would like to use. Cost to mix=£150

EXAMPLE 3: You ALSO need a nicely produced track to go with the above. We CAN do this for you of course. As a guide, you can expect to pay £200 for a nicely produced backing track. But do check online to see if there is one commercially available. You can often find good quality tracks for less than £5 if it is something standard.

If you would like to order a mix, please contact us here


Here is a mix we have recently completed.