What is the Virtual Choir Recorder?

Virtual choirs can be a lot of fun. We know, we run them! But the one thing we can't do is the one thing we want to do.

Sing together!

Virtual Choir Recorder makes it possible to actually hear what the choir truly sounds like without the delays and distortions that comes with using Zoom or other videoconferencing software.

Our Virtual Choir Recorder gives you all the tools you need with just one app on your smartphone..

For full instructions follow the link below :

Follow the steps to
start with Planetchoir

How to use the Virtual Choir Recorder


  • First, please set up your account. 
  • Enter your first name
  • Enter your last name
  • Enter the town you live in.

How to use the Virtual Choir Recorder

You now need to choose whether you are a choir member or a choir director/owner

  • choose the "member" checkbox (assuming you are a member)
  • Enter your normal email address
  • Enter the name fo your choir
  • CHOIR CODE: This is a code that your director uses to enable him/her to send the correct music tracks to you app. 
  • If you don't have this yet, you can leave it blank and add it later. This code is VERY important as you will not be able to record your track without it. Please contact your choir director and ask him/her to download and register the app and then he/she will be able to give you your unique choir code. 

FInal steps

When you have logged in, you will be presented with the main menu. The one you will use most is likely to be NEW RECORDING. Please go there now.

At the top, you will see that you can "Choose Track to Sing". If there is nothing here, it is either because you have not entered you choir code, or it is because your director has not yet uploaded a track. Assuming you DO see a song to record, then follow these steps.


  • PLUG IN SOME HEADPHONES! This is essential in order to make it possible to mix your voice in the final track.
  • PRESS PLAY to rehearse for as much as you need. You will hear the track but not record.
  • When you are ready the START RECORDING. You can keep trying as many times as you want. Press SAVE RECORDING when you are happy with your take.
  • IMPORTANT: Hit the back button for the main menu (or swipe left). Now go to MY RECORDINGS. Here you can upload your track. You are done!