What is the Virtual Choir Recorder?

Virtual choirs can be a lot of fun. We know, we run them! But the one thing we can't do is the one thing we want to do.

Sing together!

Virtual Choir Recorder makes it possible to actually hear what the choir truly sounds like without the delays and distortions that comes with using Zoom or other videoconferencing software.

Our Virtual Choir Recorder gives you all the tools you need with just one app on your smartphone..

For full instructions follow the link below :

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We have been running choirs for over 10 years so we know a thing or two about choirs! But the one thing we couldn't achieve is to get the choir to record themselves at home. It was simply too technical to ask most people to do. So it needed a solution! And Virtual Choir Recorder was the answer.

So although our Planet Choir App is new, we are not!


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